Soft cellular systems

Structure, disorder, statistical properties:

François Graner, MSC

Catherine Quilliet, LIPHY (Grenoble)

Jos Käfer, LBBE (Lyon)

Andy Kraynik

Frank van Swol, University of New Mexico (USA)

Simon Cox​, Aberystwyth University (UK)

Drainage / Flow in deformable channels:

Dominique Langevin, LPS (Orsay)

Jean-François Sadoc, LPS (Orsay)

Arnaud Saint-Jalmes, IPR (Rennes)

​Mahassine Safouane, (L'Oréal)

Howard A. Stone, Princeton (USA)

Sascha Hilgenfeldt, MechSE Illinois (USA)

Stefan Koehler, Harvard University (USA) 

Denis Weaire, TCD (Dublin)


Howard A. Stone, Princeton (USA)

Oguz Umut Salman, LSPM (Villetaneuse)

Simulation code development :

Gilberto L. Thomas, UFRGS (Brazil)

Rita M. C. de Almeida, UFRGS (Brazil)

​Maciej Swat & James Glazier, Inidana University (USA)

Elasticity of fiber networks

Gérald Gurtner, Westminster University (UK)

Enrico Babilio, University of Naples (Italy)

Fernando Fraternali, UNISA (Italy)

Flows and contractile activity in slime mold Ph. Polycephalum

Valentin Busson, MSC

Bérengère Abou, MSC

Audrey Dussutour, CRCA (Toulouse)

Martin Grube, University of Graz (Germany)

Thermal fluctuations of interfaces and membranes

Wetting phenomena

Howard A. Stone, Princeton (USA)

Atef Asnacios, MSC

Active matter: from self-propelled particles to confluent tissues


Nicolas Rivier, IPCMS (Strasbourg)